The Dancer and The Bear Record Release Tour

Joe McLeod & Oakridge Ave.
The Dancer and The Bear Record Release Tour
April 7, 2024

Joe McLeod
at LIVE! on Elgin

The Dancer and The Bear Record Release Tour
With special guest Oakridge Ave.

Acclaimed Canadian Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist, Joe McLeod has woven a musical tapestry that captures the essence of love, loss, and the breathtaking landscapes of his home in Canada. Since emerging with his beloved debut single ‘Walk Me Home’ in 2019, he has become a main stay on the country’s indie folk scene, endearing himself to an ever-growing legion of fans with his passionate, intimate, and high-energy performances. He quickly built up an impressive discography, proving himself a worthy torchbearer for Canada’s rich songwriting legacy. Within a few short years, he was opening for global acts while earning a reputation as a must-see performer.
In a harmonious tale titled "The Dancer And The Bear," Joe McLeod bares his soul, embracing vulnerability and unearthing a profound honesty within himself. This, his second full-length album, unfolds like a duet of emotions, its first half dancing to upbeat pop rhythms while the latter sways to the introspective melodies of folk. Divided into two halves, The Dancer and The Bear embarks on a heartfelt journey, where Joe's breakup with a long-term partner ignites introspection on life's pursuits and the smallest details that weave the tapestry of happiness. Through melodies and lyrics, Joe paints a canvas of raw emotions, inviting listeners to join him in a cathartic dance with the bear of truth.
Joe’s first album ‘Cloud Berries In Alaska’ is a moving meditation on hope, loss, and survival in the time of COVID. Written in the months following his father’s passing, it addresses the stark realities of our time while retaining the grace, humor, and optimism that have come to define Joe’s career. ‘Cloud Berries In Alaska’ was a major artistic leap forward for a truly unique artist with a vital story to tell.

April 7th, 2024
220 Elgin Street, 2nd Floor
6:30pm Doors \\ 7:00pm Show
Tickets $25 in advance \\ $30 at the door.

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LIVE! on Elgin
220 Elgin Street, Ottawa, ON
April 7, 2024
6:30pm - 11:00pm
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