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User FAQs

Q: When will I receive my tickets?
A: You will receive your tickets immediately after your purchase. They will be sent via email to the email address you provided during your purchase.

Q: Can I receive printed tickets?
A: Revelree is a digital ticket provider and does not offer printed tickets. This is done to ensure we can pass along cost savings to venues and, ultimately, you the fan. However, when you receive your tickets by email, they are provided in PDF format so you can conveniently print them if you wish.

Q: Will my credit card information be safe/secure?
A: Absolutely! We use a trusted third party provider to process all our credit card payments which also means that we do not store any credit card information directly on Revelree servers.

Q: I have not received the confirmation email, how do I know that my purchase went through?
A: Not to worry, there are a few things you can do in order to verify your purchase: If you created an account when signing up, log in and check to see if the order is in your User Dashboard. Contact the event organizer, and provide them with your name and email address so they can check the event tickets. On some occasions, emails go straight to your email’s junk or spam folder so please check to make certain this is not the case.

Q: What do I need to bring to the event?
A: First and foremost, be sure to have either the printed PDF of your ticket, or the PDF on your smartphone or mobile device in order to gain entrance to the event. Additionally, please follow any and all rules that the event or venue has in place. Revelree is not responsible for any forgotten IDs or tickets.

Q: What if the show/event gets cancelled?
A: Sometimes there are things out of an event organizer’s control and shows get cancelled. It is up to the event organizer to deal with and issue refunds. Always be sure to check with a venue’s refund policy.

Q: I can no longer attend the show/event I bought tickets for. Can I get a refund?
A: We understand that circumstances change and you can no longer attend but please contact the event or venue regarding a refund or refer to their refund policy. It is up to them if they will issue a refund.

Q: The show/event is sold out. Will there be more tickets available?
A: If an event is sold out, it is up to the event organizer whether or not they wish to add more tickets for sale.

Q: How do I sell tickets for my own events?
A: Revelree makes it easy to signup to sell tickets! Just follow this link to signup as a Partner!

Partner FAQs

Q: What is the cost to signup?
A: Absolutely FREE! There is no cost for you to signup to start selling tickets.

Q: Why should I use Revelree as my ticket service provider?
A: Revelree has built a way for everyone involved in the live entertainment process to come together. Fans can get tickets to their favourite bands at their favourite venues easily and quickly; artists can promote their shows and their talents, and venues can ensure concert-goers have a seamless ticket purchase experience while not paying exorbitant service fees.

Q: What are the transaction fees for tickets?
A: Our fee per transaction is 5% + $0.95 which helps us cover our costs to our credit card processing provider and allows us to offer this service for free. Our fee is a fixed price so that means that it won’t change based on your ticket price. You can sell a $10 ticket or a $100 ticket and the percentage will not change.

Q: Who do you use as your credit card processing provider?
A: All of our credit cards are run through Stripe. You can learn more about Stripe here.

Q: My event has been completed. When do I receive the ticket sales?
A: Revelree issues payments the first business day after your event has been completed. If you have requested a check as your preferred payment method, please allow 2-3 business days for the check to received at the address you provided.

Q: What is the response time for support in case we run into an issue?
A: We know that time is always of the essence during an event, so we like to respond as issues arise but on occasion, it can take up to 24 hours to get a response.

Q: Will I notice an increase in ticket sales by using Revelree?
A: That is what we are hoping for! However, ticket sales always come down to the marketing strategy of the event organizers. Revelree provides different ways that can help the organizers promote events such as custom web URLs, SEO tools, the ability to share their events and customize their events. When applicable, Revelree will also promote venues and events on our main social media accounts to help with your promotion.

Q: Am I able to sell physical tickets on Revelree?
A: Revelree does not offer printed tickets as we are a strictly digital ticket provider and printing physical tickets increases the cost to both the organizer and the customer. The customer, however, does have the ability to print their tickets at home as the tickets are emailed in PDF format.

Q: We have many of the same types of events on a week-to-week basis, how can Revelree make this easier and less time consuming for us?
A: Revelree gives you the ability in your partner dashboard to copy events so all you have to do is just change the details of the event such as: date, time, price, or location.

Q: Does Revelree provide barcode scanners for events?
A: We do not. However, as a more cost-effective solution for you, our Partner, we built a free Access Control app that allows you to scan all tickets for your events on mobile devices you already have. The app is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play - and is FREE for you to use! If you already have a handheld QR code scanner you can still connect it to partner dashboard.

Q: Where can I find the Revelree Access Control App?
A: The Revelree Access Control app is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

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