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For every ticket you sell through Revelree, you earn back 10% of the net fees that Revelree collects.

We understand that every dollar matters when having an event. Most events and venues rely heavily on their ticket revenue to cover expenses, but what if you could have an additional income source? Some would call that a "Jackpot".

How exactly am I creating a source of income, you ask?

When you create events and sell tickets through Revelree, your dashboard will display a real-time total of how much money you have earned back through reebates.


How do I receive my reebates payment?

Revelree will issue your reebates payment every quarter (April, July, September, January). After each quarter, you will receive a cheque in the mail made out to the name and address in your partner account.

Once your payment has been sent, your earnings will reset for the next quarter. You will always be able to see your lifetime earnings in the Reporting section of your dashboard.

Sounds good! How do I signup for this?

Reebates is one of the many features that are built right into Revelree, so as soon as you start selling - you start earning!

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How Much Can I Earn?

Use this calculator to get an idea of how much you can earn back with ree•bates by selling your tickets through Revelree.

* Based on estimations of ticket sales.

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You know what's better than 10%? That's right, 20%! Seeing how you made it this far, we feel you should get a pretty great reward.

We are giving the next 50 partners that signup a lifetime reebates rate of 20%. You read that right, you will earn back 20% on the net fees that Revelree collects for life. Start earning and signup NOW!

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