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A digital ticketing provider that celebrates live entertainment. Rooted in bringing fans, artists and venues together through simple-to-use digital tools. Free for venues to use, Revelree also offers fair fees to fans, which puts money in their pocket.

What is Revelree?

The name 'Revelree' is derived from two words: Revelry & Jubilee

These two words are at the heart of what our company stands for - a joyous, positive, celebration with friends - and what better way is there to bring this celebration to life than to bring concert goers and performers together for the singular goal of experiencing one good show, together?

celebration, festivities and liveliness
occasion or a season of rejoicing

We celebrate live entertainment.

We have built a way for everyone involved in the live entertainment process to come together. Fans can get tickets to their favourite bands at their favourite venues easily and quickly; artists can promote their shows and their talents; and venues can ensure concert goers have a seamless ticket purchase experience while not paying exorbitant service fees.


Revelree Music Festival.

Revelree originally started as a music festival, yup that is right a music festival. Rather than using an existing ticket system we decided to make our own (our backgrounds are in marketing and UX design and development) as we weren’t pleased with how much our attendees would be paying in service fees. Then the plug got pulled on the whole thing due to the Canadian dollar not doing so great at the time.


The idea.

It was around the time of the Tragically Hip tour that got us thinking about all the people that weren’t able to purchase tickets due to high demand, service fees, complicated purchase process as we had a simple ticket system we developed for the music festival that was just sitting on the shelf. So we began to design and develop the system.


Revelree Nights.

We were getting ready to launch so using our marketing skills we thought what would be a cool way to get people to recognize Revelree and associate it with a celebration and great experience? The answer: Turn our office into a bar with live music! On the first Friday of every month we turn our office into a place where there is live music and DJs for everyone to enjoy! (still happening to this day)


Launch and growth.

Since the launch, there have been many great events that have seen success from using Revelree as their digital ticketing provider. We continue to improve and develop even more features for everyone to use to make their events worldclass!


Celebrate the future.

We are looking forward to the future of events and hope that you want to come along for the ride - so be sure to sign up for your Partner account today!

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You find yourself in the one place dedicated to helping artists, fans, venues and live entertainment lovers unite do the one thing that lifts us all up for a song, a show or a lifetime:

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