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About Revelree

Revelree (#Revelree) is the fastest growing music company in the world - and we are ecstatic that you are here to be a part of it.

Our core business is simple - we celebrate live entertainment.

To do this, we have built a way for everyone involved in the live entertainment process to come together. Fans can get tickets to their favourite bands at their favourite venues easily and quickly; artists can promote their shows and their talents; and venues can ensure concert goers have a seamless ticket purchase experience while not paying exorbitant service fees.

However, more than just a ticketing service, Revelree is committed celebrating live entertainment through numerous outlets:

  • Revelree Music Festivals - creating unparalleled outdoor live entertainment experiences

  • Revelree Nights - promoting homegrown musical talents while raising money for community organizations across the country

  • Revelree Radio - a digital radio station serving as a jumping off point for the next generation of entertainers

These are just a few of the ways our team is not just talking about celebrating - but is doing it each and every day.

The name ‘Revelree’ is derived from the word revelry – which means ‘celebration, festivities and liveliness’ – and the word jubilee – which means ‘an occasion or season of rejoicing’. These two words are at the heart of what our company stands for – a joyous, positive, celebration with friends – and what better way is there to bring this celebration to life than to bring concert goers and performers together for the singular goal of experiencing one great show, together?

So, welcome to Revelree.  You find yourself in the one place dedicated helping artists, fans, venues and live entertainment lovers unite do the one thing that lifts us all up for a song, a show or a lifetime: celebrate.