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Revelree's goal is simple: we want to help you and your attendees celebrate live entertainment.

Live entertainment takes on many forms and Revelree is dedicated to enhancing every aspect of that experience - and helping you to sell out every show and event is just the beginning.

A ticket buying process built by ticket buyers - for ticket buyers.

Revelree’s ticket buying interface is designed by web and UX professionals - who also happen to love live music. Our entire process - from show selection, to ticket delivery - is designed to be fast, simple and intuitive to help concert fans get their tickets easily...and pack your venues quickly.

The free Revelree Access Control App gives you full control over entry to your events!

The Revelree Access Control App gives you and your staff full control over ticket scanning for your events. This control helps you to eliminate duplicate tickets, verifies confirmed purchases and gives real-time data back to your Partner Dashboard. The best part is - the app is free!

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A Dashboard to give you all the information you need - in one place.

Revelree’s Partner Dashboard is built to give you a clean, user-friendly snapshot of all of the data most important to you as a Partner. It gives you the ultimate up-to-the-second updates on the details you need to know: Ticket Sales, Money Earned, and Show Entry Volumes just to name a few.

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Unfortunately, fees are a necessity in the ticket purchasing process - and here you can see what your attendees will pay when buying one of your tickets through Revelree.ca. These fees are paid by the attendees - as there is no cost to you, a Partner, for using the Revelree system.

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