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Make Revelree your ticket partner - and let's celebrate, together.

Low fees and a faster buying process for your customers.


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To start selling tickets, you just need to create your Partner Account:

  • FREE service for Revelree Partners
  • Unlimited Events and Ticket Tiers
  • Detailed Reporting For Every Event
  • Full Access Control via the Revelree App

Pricing 6.5% + $1.25 Service Fee.

Unfortunately, fees are a necessity in the ticket purchasing process - and here you can see what your attendees will pay when buying one of your tickets through These fees are paid by the attendees - as there is no cost to you, a Partner, for using the Revelree system.

Revelree Fee
6.5% + $1.25
Our fee includes our credit card processing partner fee from Stripe which is 2.9% +$0.30
For more info on Stripe click here
Ticket Face Value:
Revelree Fee:
Tax Amount:
Customer Total:
Partner Total:

Earn 25% Back From Fees With Ree bates

For every ticket you sell through Revelree, you earn back 25% of the net fees that Revelree collects.

We know you're thinking, "No way! That can't be true. What's the catch?". But we are saying, "Yes way! It IS true and there's absolutely no catch". You sell tickets, you make extra money. It really is that simple.

To start earning - click below to either learn more or to become a partner now!

A ticket buying process built by ticket buyers - for ticket buyers.

Revelree's ticket buying interface is designed by web and UX professionals - who also happen to love live music.

  • Fast Buying Process
    We’ve made the buying process a simple four steps: select the tickets, enter your billing info, review, and celebrate.
  • Branded Event Page
    Show off your brand by uploading your own imagery, tell your users about your venue/event, and add your social links.
  • FREE Tickets are FREE
    Anything free should remain free without hidden costs, so that is why when you create a free ticket it stays free!
  • Unique URLs
    Rather than having a random numbers for your links, you can create custom URLs for your page for each event.

The FREE Revelree Access Control App gives you full control over entry to your events!

The Revelree Access Control App gives you and your staff full control over ticket scanning for your events. This control helps you to eliminate duplicate tickets, verifies confirmed purchases and gives real-time data back to your Partner Dashboard. The best part is - the app is free!

The Revelree Access Control App is available for both Apple and Android.

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

A Dashboard to give you all the information you need - in one place.

Revelree's Partner Dashboard is built to give you a clean, user-friendly snapshot of all of the data most important to you as a Partner.

  • reebates
    We understand most events and venues rely heavily on their ticket revenue to cover expenses, but what if you could have an additional income source? Well, when you create your account to sell tickets through Revelree, you earn back 25% from the fees that Revelree collects!
  • US Currency
    Are you located or have an event in the States? We now offer the ability to set the currency of your event in either USD or CAD. This information is tracked separately in your dashboard so you always have a good idea where your ticket sales are at! Payments will also be in the specific currency.
  • Include Fees Into Ticket Price
    Want your users to not pay the service fees? You have the ability to absorb the cost of the service fees to make them even happier to be getting tickets for your events.
  • Request Payments
    We have made it so that you can request a payment to receive sales rather than waiting for the event to end to receive the full amount.

Book a demo with us.

Schedule a brief 15 minute demonstration of our system with one of our Revelree Specialists if you are interested in learning more about Revelree!

Book a Demo

Manage All Your Events Easier & Faster in Your Event Overview.

We have made it easier to manage your events by displaying all the important information you need on your event all on one page in your Event Overview.

  • Easy Event Creation
    Our simple to use event creation form gives you the power to make your events exactly how you want them. Create as many tiers and dates you would like and update anytime!
  • Create Private Events
    Having a private party that you don't want the entire world to attend? You can create an unlisted event that won’t show on the Revelree website, the only people that will be able to see the event are the ones you share the event URL with!
  • Reactivate Scanned Tickets
    Have a multi-day event that you want to have a weekend pass for? We've made it easy to reactivate an entire Ticket Tier to be scanned again the next day at your event, rather than going into each transaction and doing that one ticket at a time.
  • Receive Event Summary Emails
    Once your event(s) have ended we send you an Event Summary email that has information on how your event did, such as tickets sold and amount earned minus fees.

Ready To Start Selling Tickets?

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