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How It Works

When you create events and sell tickets through Revelree, your dashboard will display a real-time total of how much money you have earned back through ree•bates.

Revelree automatically calculates your ree•bates total from a transaction based on how you have the taxes (charging tax or not) and fees (whether you are absorbing the fees or not) and then we take away our taxes and what our net income is we take that number and then give it right back to you.


Revelree will issue your ree•bates payment every quarter (April, July, September, January). After each quarter, you will receive a cheque in the mail made out to the name and address in your partner account.

Once your payment has been sent, your earnings will reset for the next quarter. You will always be able to see your lifetime earnings in the Reporting section of your dashboard.

There is a threshold of $50 through ree•bates, so if your balance does not meet the $50 threshold your balance will carry over into the following quarter where you can continue to add onto it.

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