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User Side Presence

User Side Presence

Event Listing

After you have created your Partner account and created some events, you will be able to view them in order by date from the custom URL you made when making your account.

Event Listing - All your published events will be viewable on this page in order of date.

Search - The user can search through your events 

Contact Info - Your address, email address, and phone number is available for users to see.

Social - These link to your social media accounts

About - The user can read more about your event or venue if you have provided that information in your Partner Account.

Your Event Details

When a user clicks on the Event Name from your listing or from the Revelree Homepage, they will then be able to see the description and any imagery you have added in the event creation process. They can also add the dates to their personal calendar as well as share the event on Facebook and Twitter. From there they can begin the buying process.

Buying Process

Step 1 - Ticket Info

Select Date - If your created events have more than one date, your users can select a date or a date range from the list

Quantity - Use the “+” or “-” icons to increase or decrease the amount. If there is only one ticket tier created the value will be set to one by default.

Price - This is the face value of your tickets before fees and taxes.

Tiers - This where the users can see what ticket tiers and types you have created as well as any descriptions for the ticket. If there is a description there will be a “+” icon beside the text and clicking that will expand the description.

Email Address - This is the email address that the tickets will be sent once the order has been placed.

Newsletter Signup - If the user selects this box their email address will be added to your Email List in your Dashboard. See the Export Data section for the description on how to use the email list.

Terms - This is Revelree’s Terms and Services, users must agree to this before continuing as it is the rules on using the website for your benefit as well as ours.

Captcha - To avoid bots from taking all the tickets before your users can purchase them we have this security feature (as well as many many more behind the scenes) to protect your users and make sure they are the ones buying from you.

Step 2 - Billing Info

Account Login - If the users email address is already registered with Revelree they can login in to save their purchase to their account or can continue with the guest checkout.

Billing Info - If their account is registered and they login, the billing info fields will be filled with their saved address. If not, they will input the billing information that will match with the credit or debit card that will be used to complete their order.

Credit Card - Revelree accepts all major types of credit cards which include Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.To maintain excellent service, we use a trusted third party payment processor, called Stripe, to handle the security and processing of all credit cards on Revelree. To learn more about Stripe please view their website:

Ticket Summary - This is the breakdown of their selected tickets including the tier, type, quantity, and any fees associated. They do have the ability to go back and update their email address or which tickets they would like to purchase.

Step 3 - Review

Review Info - The user can then review all the information to verify that it is correct before completing the order.

Account Creation - If the user does not have an account, they will have the ability on this step to create one. If they do create an account, their billing info (not credit card) will be stored in their user account. Creating an account does not take them out of the buying process so they do not lose out on your events tickets.

Step 4 - Confirmation

Confirmation - Once the order has been placed, they will be brought to a confirmation page with their transaction number. Your contact details will be on this page in case any user has issues with their tickets.

Ticket PDF - The user will receive an email that contains their purchased amount of tickets in separate pdfs that they can print themselves or present them on their mobile device. On some occasions, the email will land in the users junk or spam folder. If a user contacts you regarding not getting the tickets please let know to check that. If not you can always reissue the tickets from your Dashboard.