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Reporting & Data

Reporting & Data


Select Date Range - Change the dates that you would like to see reporting data for. You have the ability to see:

  • Anytime

  • Today

  • Yesterday

  • This Month

  • Last Month

  • Custom Range - Select one date and then select a second date to see the data for that range

Select Event - You can also select a specific event if you need to see the reporting for just one event. You do have the ability to see all the event information (default select) Export Summary

Sales Overview - As you create events, we give you a quick snapshot of how well those events are performing. The numbers that are displayed are the lifetime numbers of your account. The information that is displayed is:

  • Events - This is how many events you have created

  • Tickets Sold - The number of tickets that have been sold

  • Ticket Sales Total - How much your event ticket sales have made.

  • Account Balance - This is how much Revelree owes the partner from their ticket sales

Top Event - These are the best selling events that you have created.

Top Tier - The most popular tickets.

Top Type - The most popular ticket types.

Purchase Locations - Physical addresses where attendees have purchased their tickets from.

Incoming Traffic - Where your visitors previously were online before visiting your event/listing. This section is great for tracking your online ad campaigns.


Request Amount - You have the ability to request Revelree to send you your ticket sales early in the case that your suppliers to be paid. When you request a payment you can select that event that the payment is for and also select the amount that you would like. You can see what your account balance is on this page as well. You do have the ability to change your preferred payment method on this page.

When you “Submit Payment Request” you will receive an email to let you know that the request is pending. You will then receive a follow-up email once the status of the payment has changed to “Approved” or “Declined”

Account Balance - Where your visitors previously were online before visiting your event/listing.

Request History - Once a request has been submitted they will appear in the Request History section and will be filtered in one of the following sections: 

  • Pending - Payment Request has been submitted and is waiting to be reviewed by Revelree.

  • Approved - Your request has been approved by Revelree and funds are on the way to your bank or a cheque has been issued. You will receive an email to update you on the approval.

  • Declined - If your request has been declined it may because the amount you requested is for the wrong event or that you have requested payments too close to the last payment. An email will be sent to you with a message on why the request has been declined.

Payment History - Only Approved payments will appear in the Payment History section. In the listings you will see the following payment details:

  • Date - This is when the payment was approved

  • Event Name

  • Amount

  • Payment Method

  • Reference Number - Use this if there are issues with your payment.

Export Data

Email List - During the buying process, your customers have the option to select a checkbox to stay updated with you. Once they select that their email address gets added to the list in the database. You have the ability to download your email lists per event or can download the emails from all your events. Downloading the CSV file will make it easy for you to import to your preferred email management system.

Export Transactions - You have the ability to see the individual transactions for an event and also to view the customers and ticket quantities for a guestlist. Downloading the transactions will give you a .CSV file with the following information:

  • Transaction Date

  • Event Name

  • Show Date & Time

  • Customer Name

  • Email Address

  • Ticket Quantities

  • Gross Amount

  • Fee (Incl. Tax)

  • Net Amount

  • Purchase Description

  • Transaction Number