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Creating & Editing a Series

Much like creating an event you can create an entire Series to group your events together. In your dashboard, there is a “Series” menu link which will display all your upcoming and past Series once they have been created.

To create a new Series click the “Create Series” button to go to the create form.

Create Series Form

Series Info:

  • Series Name: Name your Series

  • Sub Name: If there is a sponsor or is in support of an organization

  • Custom URL: Create your own custom URL for this series for easy branding and promotion

Series Description:

  • Cover Photo: Upload your Series branding cover photo to be displayed on the Series Overview page

  • About: Tell your users about the series. Include links, images, and different headings.

Series Dates:

Note: Only previously created events will be displayed here. You can create a new event and then add it to this tour.

  • Upcoming: All your upcoming event dates in order of date

  • Past: All past events that you have had

Series Overview

Once your Series has been created you can view the Series Overview by clicking on the Series name or Overview button in the Series Listing page. On the Series Overview page, you can see the collective information from all events that are included in your Series. This Includes:

  • Tickets

  • Tickets Sold 

  • Tickets Comped

  • Ticket Sales

    • If the series has multiple currencies, both will display

  • Total Payments

  • Reebates Earned

You can see all the branding in the next section. When you add more events the date range will adjust accordingly (if you add more dates at the end the last date will display).

View all the events that are in the series and clicking on an event will bring you to that events specific Event Overview.

Series Details

Viewing your series will show all the details on one page. You will be able to see all the event dates with the ability to either get tickets or add the event to your calendar.

If a user is viewing an event that is part of a series, at the bottom of the page, they can see other events that are in that series with the ability to go to the Series Overview page.